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Brother Klaus Festival

Brother Klaus Festival 2024, 2025 and 2026

Brother Klaus Festival is a public holiday in the Swiss Canton of Obwalden. Although Brother Klaus, or Nicholas of Flue, is the patron saint of Switzerland according to Roman Catholicism, it is only a holiday in Obwalden where he lived.

202425 SepWedBrother Klaus Festival OW
202525 SepThuBrother Klaus Festival OW
202625 SepFriBrother Klaus Festival OW
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Nicholas of Flue was a man of diverse pursuits, to say the least. He was in the military until age 37 and attained to the rank of captain. He is said to have fought with his sword in the one hand and his rosary clutched in the other. Yet, in 1481, he gave timely counsel that helped prevent a Swiss civil war among some of the cantons.

“Brother Klaus”, as he is now generally known, was also a councilman in his canton, a farmer, a mystic, a hermit, and one who is said to have seen visions from God. For example, he reported seeing a vision of a horse eating a lily and interpreted it as meaning his worldly life was devouring his spiritual life. In response, he retired to become a hermit and focus on the “contemplative life”.

IN 1947, Brother Klaus was declared a Catholic saint by Pope Pius XII, making him the only sainted person hailing from Switzerland. Churches and the people of Obwalden Canton take time to honour his memory every 25 September.

Previous Years

202325 SepMonBrother Klaus Festival OW
202225 SepSunBrother Klaus Festival OW