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Jeûne Genevois

Jeûne Genevois 2024, 2025 and 2026

Jeûne Genevois is a public holiday in the Swiss Canton of Geneva. The name means Genevan Fast and it is observed on the first Thursday following the first Sunday of September.

20245 SepThuJeûne genevois GE
202511 SepThuJeûne genevois GE
202610 SepThuJeûne genevois GE
20279 SepThuJeûne genevois GE
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Jeûne Genevois is the Genevan version of the otherwise Switzerland-wide Federal Fast holiday, which is meant to be kept by people of all faiths. Geneva, however, has had their own public fasting day since Medieval times and decided to keep it instead of going with the newer Federal Fast.

Another aspect of the Jeûne Genevois is its connection to the fast in the canton of Geneva that took place in 1567 on behalf of fellow Protestants being persecuted in nearby Lyon in France. In 1869, Geneva switched to the Federal Fast, though many residents continued in the older tradition. In 1966, the Jeûne Genevois was brought back again in preference to the Federal Fast.

This holiday is a day meant for fasting and prayer to God on behalf of the people of Geneva, Switzerland, and the world. Most businesses will be closed for the day, and people may attend special church services.

Previous Years

20237 SepThuJeûne genevois GE
20228 SepThuJeûne genevois GE