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Restoration Day

Restoration Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Restoration Day is a Swiss holiday celebrated only in the canton of Geneva. It is observed on 31 December, and its full name is Feast of the Restoration of the Republic.

202431 DecTueRestoration Day GE
202531 DecWedRestoration Day GE
202631 DecThuRestoration Day GE
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Restoration Day looks back to the day in 1813 when the Genevan Republic was restored after being taken over by France during the reign and exploits of Napoleon. France took control of Geneva in 1798, and the last French soldiers left the city on 31 December in 1813. Soon, in 1814, Geneva was readmitted to the Swiss Confederation as before.

To commemorate the restoration of the republic, the government of the canton of Geneva fires celebratory cannon blasts at 8am on the morning of 31 December each year. An official ceremony then follows in the Cathedral of Saint Peter, along with a musical concert. The people of Geneva welcome this extra day off during the year and are happy to remember and celebrate their freedom, both its restoration and its preservation across the years and centuries.

Previous Years

202331 DecSunRestoration Day GE
202231 DecSatRestoration Day GE